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We firmly believe that the outdoors provides an excellent environment in which to learn, test and develop the skills of leadership, communication, planning, problem solving, and almost anything else. It is an environment in which success or failure is real and immediate and the causes and impacts of these outcomes can then be understood and addressed through a mixture of review discussions and more conventional input sessions.

Our management development programmes here at Simply Outdoors are driven by three principles:

  • All management courses should have clear benefits for both the individuals involved and the organisation,
  • People learn best when they are engaged and having fun,
  • We always aim to challenge people to go just that little bit further, but we always respect their right to say “enough”.

This combined approach means that delegates can have a good time, learn something new and leave with a better understanding of the issues addressed on the course. Crucially, they also learn what to do with that new understanding once they get back to work.

We can offer varying programmes to best suit your needs, from a day’s intense workshop to an overnight Dartmoor Challenge.