School group climbing

The only thing we love more than being outdoors doing exciting and challenging activities, is sharing these experiences with other people. That is why we offer a broad range of courses, from activity residentials for school groups to management courses. We also have a large number of courses for adults in specific development areas in kayaking, navigation and climbing. These courses last anywhere from two hours to two days and are aimed at beginner, intermediate or advanced level. Why not join us at Simply Outdoors for your next outdoor course and experience the beauty of Dartmoor and the South West.

Individual activities

Please see training courses page.

Group Activities

Gorge Walking

Forge your way against the current in the stunning Plym Valley, scrambling under and over boulders and sliding down water shoots.


Learn to safely handle a bow and amaze yourself with your skill and accuracy. Then play some individual and team games based on your shooting ability.

Archery group

Raft Building

Working in teams to build and race a raft around the lake. The raft can then be used to explore the area or complete the lakeside orienteering challenge.


Climbing, Abseiling and Scrambling

Stretch yourself on some of the magnificent Granite outcrops in the area and enjoy the views of the local moor before the exhilarating abseil back to the start.


Mini Olympics

A great chance for the newly formed teams to compete against one another in our take on the Olympic games!

Mini Olympics

High elements

Challenge yourself on our High Ropes elements. Whether it is working as a team to reach the top of the Jacob’s Ladder or balancing across the Burma Bridge, you will have a great time.

High elements


Kayaking and Canoeing

A chance to get out and about in a boat whether it’s for a fun filled games session at the local lake or a day trip along one of our many fine rivers or canals.


Orienteering/ GYMO

Test your map reading in this fast paced and fun activity. Can you find the markers first and return before the time stops? There is even a picture-based course to challenge your observation skills.


Bog Run

Our unique Bog Run on Bodmin Moor is the wettest, muddiest and most fun activity you’ll ever do. Finishing with a jump into the lake to rinse off.

Bog run

Moorland Walking and Challenge Day

Tavistock is in the perfect location to begin exploring the wonderful Dartmoor Nation Park from, with various options available to ensure your route is appropriate for your group. If the walk itself isn’t challenging enough the we can add in some problem-solving tasks along the way, encouraging the groups to really pull together and work as a successful team.

Moorland walk

Enjoying Dartmoor

Problem Solving

From the perplexing Planks Puzzle to the Acid Swamp, the Crystal Maze has nothing on us! These team tasks will challenge your communication, leadership and team skills.

Problem solving